Wood Medallions & Inlays

Professional Craftsmen Specialized in Custom Designs
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Why choose MC Floor Solutions LLC

  • Our services are competitive
  • We deliver Quick and standard Installation/Maintenance service
  • We design according to plans and color theme of your home
  • We perform neat and clean installation/maintenance services (e.g. we cover walls to prevent paint splash)

Feel free to contact us and we’ll give your home a shiny durable floor

There are many things that define the class of your home; one of them is your floor design. Hardwood floor designs are great for your indoor floor for many reasons; they are eco-friendly, durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain and also add a classic feel to your home.

Here at MC Floor Solutions LLC, we are professional hardwood floor installers; we offer varieties of floor installation services such as Medallions, Borders, and Inlays. MC Floor Solutions offers its services in New York and New Jersey, United States. MC Floor Solutions aim is to beautify your home with amazing wood floors at a very affordable price. Below are services we can offer you once you call on us.

Custom wood floor Medallions, inlay, and border: our craftsmen are the best when it comes to customizing wood floors, we can create unique hand-crafted floor medallion, border or inlays for your home as requested.

Repair of Hardwood Floors: any fault no matter how small it is should be taken care of immediately to prevent further damage, here at MC Floor Solutions we know much about all types of hardwood floors and we have all the needed tools and resources to repair your floors and make it look like brand new.

Maintenance: unlike other floor finishing, hardwood floor designs such as medallions, inlays or borders are made with plywood backing which gives craftsmen more ability to create varieties of designs on them. Thus this type of floor need frequent maintenance and we can help you do just that at a very affordable price.