Dustless Sanding & Refinishing

MC FLOOR SOLUTIONS LLC Takes Pride in Offering the Best Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services
dustless wood floor refinishing

Our options for floor refinishing include but not limited to the following:

  • Restoring original finish
  • Scraping existing boards
  • Eliminate unwanted marks and scratches
  • Customized stain colors

We Are Dedicated to Delivering the Best Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services to New York and New Jersey

Our company is committed to delivering the best services available to meet the needs of clients for professional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services. When it comes to the services we offer, it means unmatched quality and guaranteed results.

For years, hardwoods have essentially graced the finest homes in the world adding beauty and warmth that only hardwood floors can offer. And also for long years, homeowners and even business owners in the areas of coverage trust us for our quality services and excellent craftsmanship.

Superior Workmanship for Strong and Beautiful Floors

If you have a hardwood floor at home, it is commonly known that this sustains the wear and tear over time. This can happen due to many factors such as furniture legs that drag across the surfaces resulting in scratches, heavy items being dropped on the floor creating dents on the surface and more.

Here at MC FLOOR SOLUTIONS LLC, our expert would recommend having your floor sanded and properly refinished on a regular basis or as needed. This is an excellent way to make your floor look new again.

By carrying out quality sanding and refinishing services, the look of your home will be completely transformed and the feel of your home will truly be enhanced. Specifically, our services will:

  • Make your home feel and look new
  • Add some touch of elegance into the rooms
  • Enhance your home’s appearance
  • Eliminate unwanted marks and scratches
  • Recover damages caused by moisture
  • Protects the floors from future damages and many more

Call Us Now and Let’s Talk About Your Next Project!

If you are planning to remodel but you don’t want to spend for completely new floors, our hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services are great ways to make your floor look brand new and even better than ever. Call us now and let’s discuss your next project.

We are steadfast to delivering only the finest services for any size or commercial or residential sanding and refinishing jobs. Our company is bonded, licensed and insured so you can have the confidence that your property and your flooring needs are in good hands.